Islanders invited to celebrate launch of Island Helicopters on Scilly

Residents of the Isles of Scilly are invited to gather at St Mary’s Airport on the morning of 21st May to welcome the first scheduled helicopter flight to the islands in six years as Island Helicopters launches.

Islanders can also enjoy a celebratory breakfast buffet to mark the start of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group’s new helicopter service, Island Helicopters, which will offer a year-round service from Land’s End Airport to St Mary’s, flying to Scilly up to eight times a day, six days a week.

Scheduled services begin on Monday 21st May with the first flight departing Land’s End at 8.01am and arriving on St Mary’s at 8.21am. The second flight leaves Land’s End at 9.15am, arriving at 9.35am, followed by a further six flights to Scilly that day.

School children from Five Islands School on St Mary’s have been invited to watch the first helicopter land from a special viewing area and the Steamship Group invites islanders to join them at the airport from 8am onwards that morning to welcome the first helicopter when it arrives and to enjoy coffee and pastries.

Stuart Reid, acting Chief Operating Officer of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group, said: “We are thrilled to be bringing helicopters back to the Isles of Scilly with the return of the first scheduled helicopter service to the islands since 2012. We’d like to celebrate this milestone when Island Helicopters launches on 21st May with the islanders on Scilly, for whom this new transport service will mean greater choice, and enhanced resilience in year-round transport links with the mainland.

“Please come and join us at St Mary’s Airport to watch Island Helicopters’ first scheduled flight as it is coming in to land.”

The Steamship Group received more than 5,000 registrations of interest in Island Helicopters after announcing its new helicopter service earlier this year, and hundreds of tickets have since been sold since ticket sales began at the start of April.

Fares for the new service start from £215 return, and flights from Land’s End take approximately 20 minutes.