Freight Prices

The shipping freight prices for the Gry Maritha.

Freight Timetables - Isles of Scilly

All rates shown include dock charges and cost of loading and unloading and may be subject to alteration.

20% to be added to the listed rates for traffic going to an Island other than St Mary’s – unless stated otherwise.

The standard rate of 20% is applied on all freight. All prices shown are Ex VAT – unless stated.

**NB: When goods have been paid for in advance please remember to write the receipt / ticket number on your shipping note.

Item Price Index

Item Class Item Class
Agricultural Implements 6 Horses
Animals Horticultural Sundries 6
Batteries (Vehicle) Kitchen Appliances (large)
Beer 8 L
Books 6 Laundry
Bread Lawn Mowers – Ride On
Building Materials Liferafts
Bicycles Livestock
Bullion 8 M
Boats Meat 7
C Milk
Camping Equipment Miscellaneous 8
Carpet & Underlay 8 Mobility Scooter
Cars Motor Vehicles
Cement Motorcycles etc
Chemicals 5 O
Clay Oil
Coal Outboard Engines
Concrete Blocks P
Coffins Paper 6
Cookers Petrol
Cylinders of Gas Plants 8
Catamarans Pool Tables 8
Canoes Potatoes
Cattle Poultry – Live in boxes
Container R
D Rope 5
Detergents 5 S
Drugs 8 Sand
Diving Equipment Solid Fuel Cookers 8
E Spirits 8
Eggs Scrap Metal
Explosives Sundries 8
Electronic Equipment 8 Spin Dryers
Excess Luggage (accompanied) Surf Boards
Fish – for bait 5 Television Sets
Fish – wet & shell Tumble Dryers
Flowers Trailers
Flower Bulbs Tyres
Fridges & Freezers Tractors
Fruit/Gaming Machines 8 W
Frozen Foods 7 Wines 8
Furniture 8 Washing Machines
Furniture in Containers Wheelchairs
Fireworks Wheeled Vehicles
G Windsurfers
Gas Cylinders Wood burning Stoves 8
Glass 8
Groceries (Mixed) 7

We would advise you that our accounts are strictly nett monthly and any delay in payment could result in suspension of account.

Please submit account queries in writing to the address/email address shown above.

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