We are pleased to say that the Gry Maritha is almost ready to return to service and in order to carry out the required sea trials, to ensure she is fully operational after extensive work, we need to make changes to the current freight schedule. These changes are as follows:

Friday 10th May:  The Mali Rose schedule sailing is cancelled.

Monday 13th May: The Gry Maritha will resume scheduled service

As a reminder, we cannot accept freight on the Scillonian when operating double sailings, with the first being on  Friday 3rd May and the second on Monday 06th May. This will also apply on all Scillonian double sailings for the remainder of the year.

We are extremely sorry that we have to cancel Friday 10th May’s sailing but this needs to be done to ensure that the Gry Maritha is fully prepared as we currently have a limited number of skilled and familiar trained staff to operate both vessels at the same time.