Can I book a helicopter flight?

Tickets are now on sale, you can book by visiting our website www.islesofscilly-travel.co.uk or by calling 01736 3342220

How much does it cost?

A single fare starts from £215 return.

Are there any concessionary fares?

Not on the helicopter service.

Where will the helicopter fly to- St. Mary's and Tresco?

We will fly to St. Mary's, on the Isles of Scilly

Will you fly from Newquay and Exeter?

No, the helicopter service will only operate from Land's End Airport.

What days does the helicopter fly?

We will operate up to six days a week (not Sundays) with 8 flights a day.

Will the helicopter operate year-around?

Yes. The service in winter will be less frequent because fewer people travel.

What is the luggage limit for the helicopter?

The limit is 15kg per person.

Can I pay a supplement if I want to bring more luggage?

We are looking at the best way to manage excess baggage - for updates on this, please call 01736 334220.

Can I change my Skybus / Scillonian booking to the helicopter?

Yes, subject to availability. You will have to pay the difference in fares plus and administration fee.

Is there a Travel Club concession for the helicopter?

There is unlikely to be a Travel Club concession for the helicopter but Travel Club discounts will continue to be available on Skybus and the Scillonian.

Can I use the helicopter for my NHS flight?

We have not yet discussed this with the NHS but they will continue to be available on Skybus as they are now.

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