Our allowances may not be what you’re used to. Please take a moment to check.

Hold Luggage

Allowance per person 1 piece
Max weight 15Kg
Max size 75cm x 50cm x 30cm

If you’re using a joint allowance, please make sure no single piece of luggage weighs more than 20kg. Day trips do not include a hold baggage allowance.


Cabin Luggage

Allowance per person  1 piece
Max weight  3Kg
Max size  30cm x 15cm x 15cm

Important: You can bring a small bag as hand luggage, but cases that would be allowed on larger aircraft may not be allowed, so please check the size carefully. You can also bring an overcoat, small camera, binoculars and something to read. If you are in any doubt about an item you’d like to take on-board, please feel free to check with our travel centre on 01736 334220.


Excess Luggage
Cost: £3 per kg

Excess luggage space is limited, so please check with Skybus on 01736 785233, and remember to ask about both for your outward and return flights. If either flight is full, it may be possible to find room for your luggage on the next available flight. If you are in any doubt about an item you’d like to take on-board, please feel free to check with our travel centre on 01736 334220.

Hold Luggage

Allowance per person 2 pieces
Max weight 25Kg per person*
Max Size 85cm x 60cm x 40cm

All luggage is loaded by hand into containers for the voyage, so please do not use excessively large or difficult to handle cases or bags. For passengers using a joint allowance, no single piece should weigh more than 20Kg.

Please note: day trip tickets do not include a hold luggage allowance but are welcomed to take 1 piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 5Kg.

*No single piece of luggage should weigh more than 20Kg.


Hand Luggage

Allowance per person 1 small bag
Max weight  5Kg
Max Size 40cm x 55cm x 20cm

Please ensure your luggage is clearly labelled with your name, booking reference, mobile number, where you’re staying and your mainland address.


Excess Luggage

Cost  £22 per 50Kg return
(including camping and diving equipment)
Bicycles  £26 return
(inc. Children’s and trailers)
Kayaks / Canoes  £72 return

Please book your excess luggage in advance. Camping and diving equipment can also be taken, but please pass any gas cylinders to quay staff for safety. Motorised wheelchairs will be loaded free of charge, but please do still book them in advance. To book your excess luggage please call our travel centre on 01736 334220.

Luggage transfer on St. Mary’s

If you’re staying on St. Mary’s, your luggage can automatically be taken to your accommodation when you arrive, for a small fee of  £1.40 per bag payable to Island Carriers. Simply write where you’re staying on your luggage label, and they’ll leave an invoice when they deliver your bags.

You can also arrange to have your luggage delivered back to the ship for your return journey.

If you would rather collect your luggage in person from St. Mary’s Quay, either note this on your luggage label, simply leave off the accommodation address or inform the quay staff on Penzance Harbour.

Transferring luggage to other islands

If you’re staying on Tresco, St. Martin’s, Bryher or St. Agnes, please also attach the relevant, coloured ‘Off Island’ label from Penzance Quay. This will help to ensure your luggage comes with you on the next part of your journey.

Please note: we can only take responsibility for your luggage from Penzance Quay to arrival at St. Mary’s Quay. Please do not leave it unattended at either ends of your journey, and check your bags have been loaded into the container for the right off-island destination.


Return Journey

If you choose to deliver your own luggage to the quayside, please do so between 10:00am and 11:00am or between 03:00pm and 04:00pm on your day of departure. You’ll need to show your ticket, and put your bags in the containers provided.


All freight items need to be booked in advance of your departure date due to the limited availability of space. Bicycles, camping and diving equipment are classified as freight and can be booked online.

Larger freight items that need loading aboard such as kite surfers, surfboards, windsurfers, canoes, kayaks, cars, trailers, or boats must be on the quay between 7 – 7.45am for all sailings which depart at 9.15am or later.

For earlier sailings the freight team will be on the quay accepting freight 2hrs 15mins before departure for 45 minutes. Bicycles and camping equipment are accepted at the same time as passenger luggage. To book your large freight items call 01736 334220.

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