Our Environmental Policy

Our customers, staff and stakeholders are increasingly conscious about the effects of climate change and increased human pressures on the environment. We believe that it’s our responsibility as individuals and as a business to deal with these problems.

We are committed to ensuring that the Isles of Scilly and West Cornwall have a resilient, sustainable and protected environment which can be enjoyed in future years by both those who live in and visit this beautiful area of the world.

Being part of the aviation and marine industry, we recognise that whilst we are a contributor to the global CO2 emissions, we are committed to sustainable development and reducing where possible, our CO2 emissions.

Our company, The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group, was formed 100 years ago by the islanders (Scillonian’s) and therefore it is vital that the ethos of maintaining that lifeline service in the most environmentally supportive way is continued.

An Environment Team from across the group has been formed to review and develop efficient working practices with a commitment to improving and streamlining business activities and processes whilst adhering to the required CAA and MCA regulatory standards.
Areas for review include:

  • Increased recycling & improved waste management
  • Energy usage efficiency
  • Reduction in single use plastics
  • Efficient staff travel
  • Carbon off-setting opportunities
  • Working with local environmental groups and initiatives
  • Environmental awareness in relation to pollution prevention

Encourage employees to cycle to work through active promotion of the Company’s cycle to work scheme.

We recognise that single use plastic is not sustainable and have actively reduced single use plastic on Scillonian III and at Land’s End Airport.

Use local produce and providers in Western Rocks Coffee Co – reducing the length of the supply chain and reducing emissions through deliveries.

We have invested in solar panels at Land’s End Airport.

Metal, cardboard and plastic wrapping are recycled from Penzance Dry Dock and on the quays.

Provide a bus service to the airport to cut down cars on the road and a Park and Ride for Scillonian III.

Replacement of all light fittings to LED bulbs in our offices.

Air Pollution

New vessel project to continue researching hybrid technology.

Waste & Recycling

Single use plastics to be minimised.

Recycling points implemented on Scillonian III.

Reduce the roll-out of printed promotional material.

Energy Reduction

Continue to roll out LED lighting.

Reduce energy consumption at Steamship properties


Appoint an environmental champion to monitor progress

Actively encourage staff to car share and cycle or walk to work

Work with Smart Islands to promote best practice

Partnering with wildlife experts to make a difference

Isles of silly Travel, Part of Isles of Scilly Steamship Group has teamed up with leading wildlife and conservation organisations who work in the areas and waters in which we serve. We ae working alongside three organisations who are improving habitats for costal wildlife and the marine environment in addition to educating our passengers onboard ship about our marine life and Scilly XXX onboard our ships.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Land’s End Airport – maintenance and monitoring of the airfield (flora and fauna). Chris P knows about this.

Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust

Sarah Mason – donation button on the website – what have they used the money for? Future projects?


audit of marine life on the route, Scillonian III becomes a “survey vessel”. Data collection, on types of marine life. Distribution and range of different animals. They produce maps and reports, pictures to share with us. They are very happy to work with us on this. Ocean Watch – training bridge crew? Steve Jones – Head of Partnerships at Orca steve.jones@orcaweb.org.uk https://www.orcaweb.org.uk/our-work/about-orca

Energy efficiencies: Reducing emissions through improving sustainability

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Smart Islands Project /Hitachi Europe

EU funded project. We had energy surveys carried out at LEQ, PDD and Steamship House, Pz. The reports suggest ways of improving energy efficiencies and reducing the environmental impact of the business. The group is in the process of installing energy efficient LED lightbulbs, radiators and double glazing where required.

Bike Scheme

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BRIEF INTRO: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Our policy is to strive for continuous improvements to our operations and procedures to reduce the impact on the environment. We aim to protect and promote good working practices and our Environmental Policy has been integrated into our marine Safety Management and Quality systems.

Our objectives are to:

  • To comply with the requirements of the company integrated marine and aviation management systems
  • Prevent pollution and minimise waste
  • Help to safeguard the marine environment through assistance in research projects
  • Support local environmental initiatives
  • Develop systems to improve environmental performance.
  • Commit to sustainability
  • Use energy and resources efficiently
  • Invest in modern eco-efficient technology, equipment and replacement vessels
  • Adhere to regulation and policy in relation to environmental monitoring and impact improvements
  • Promote the importance of environmental awareness to our employees
  • Protect the natural environment (both marine and land)
  • To have a commitment to continual improvement

These objectives will be achieved by:

  • To document the impact of our company’s impact on the environment and commit to ensuring our management systems controls reduces the impact.
  • Complying with the requirements of ISO XXX (which ever ISO we have)
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