Bryher St Agnes St Martin's St Mary's Tresco

Walk Scilly Autumn Weekend October 2019

The smaller autumn version of the earlier Walk Scilly spring event covers the five islands and a series of walking extravaganzas. Enjoy a long weekend, exploring the Isles of Scilly guided by local experts, you can discover rich history and archaeology, have a go at foraging or explore one of the uninhabited islands.

For a full programme of events contact the Tourist Information Centre on 01720 422031.

Bryher St Agnes St Martin's St Mary's Tresco

Taste of Scilly Food Festival September 2019

The islands are famous for their local produce, fresh seafood and wide choice of dining options. Throughout September, the Isles of Scilly will host the Taste of Scilly Food Festival. Celebrating the best of the food and drink that the islands have to offer.

Wherever you are on Scilly, you’re never more than a short walk or boat trip away from freshly caught fish and seafood. Whether you choose to dine in a pop-up crab shack, enjoy the atmosphere of a lively gastropub, or tuck into fish and chips on the harbour, you can easily spend a week letting your taste buds do the exploring.

To find out more about the month long festival contact the Tourist Information Centre on 01720 422031

Bryher St Agnes St Martin's St Mary's Tresco

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Qualifiers

June 8th– 9th 2019

After 3 successful championships on the islands, ÖTILLÖ continues to return to the shores of Scilly. Ranked as one of the toughest endurance races in the world, the course covers 45km over land and sea, with 100+ teams from around the world competing.

For full event listings visit: Otillo

Bryher St Agnes St Martin's St Mary's Tresco

Scilly Swim Challenge Events

Starting at sunrise, swimmers will attempt to swim and walk between six islands over a series of events throughout the year, the event focuses on the challenger aspect of open water swimming rather than it being a race.  The events will start and finish on St. Mary’s, the main island, visiting St. Martins, Tresco, Bryher, Samson and St. Agnes.

To find out more visit the Scilly Swim Challenge.

  • Spring Scilly Swim Challenge 25th May 2019
  • Scilly 360 Swim Race 27th July 2019
  • Two Day Scilly Swim Challenge 7-8th Sep 2019
  • One Day Scilly Swim Challenge 10th Sep 2019
Bryher St Agnes St Martin's St Mary's Tresco

Scilly Folk Festival

May 24th-28th 2019

Some of the best folk musicians in the South West will be returning the islands for a fun packed weekend of music and dancing.


Bryher St Agnes St Martin's St Mary's Tresco

Creative Scilly

Week commencing May 10th – 22nd

Meet local artists who are inspired by the landscape around them, have a go at many different artistic techniques such as glass blowing, screen printing, etching and much more; or simply relish in the stunning works of art across varying galleries.

For a full programme of events visit: Visit Isles of Scilly or call the Tourist Information Centre on 01720 422031

For the full events programme please visit:

Bryher Tresco

Low Spring Tide events

April 20th and September 1st 2019

There are certain days when lunar forces combine creating Spring tides so low that it’s possible to walk between the channel of Bryher and Tresco.  Mid-channel there’s a sandbar where Tresco Island sets up a pop-up event, including a pop up BBQ & bar, games and live music.

For full details contact Tresco Island on 01720 422849.

*Please check tide times and the weather forecast before making the crossing, never walk in fog and always tell someone where you are going.

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