St Martin’s


St. Martin’s

The only difficult thing about a stay on St. Martin’s is deciding which beach you’ll visit today. All around the island, you’ll find white, sandy coves that slope gently into crystal-clear water. It’s a tantalising choice.

But world-class beaches are by no means the only reason to visit this laid back, welcoming island. You’ll also find great local food, artisan bread, the island’s famous flower farm and its own winery – and, for a truly once-in-a-lifetime memory, the chance to go snorkelling surrounded by playful Atlantic grey seals.


Snorkel with seals

Meet the Isles of Scilly’s playful residents

Empty, amazing beaches

Dozens of islands and coves, just a paddle away

A taste of St. Martin's

Sample the island’s wines

Unmistakeably Scillonian

Visit Fay Page’s jewellery workshop

From Scilly, with love

Narcissi: islands’ most famous export


Can you hear that?

Paddle or sail to one of the many deserted islands surrounding St. Martin’s, and the first thing that strikes you is just how peaceful it is.

You might hear the waves on the beach, or the Atlantic breeze through the long grass. Perhaps the occasional call from a passing sea bird. But apart from that, there’s total peace and quiet. Just you, nature, and the view back across the water to the beautiful place you’re staying.

Things to see and do


Wildlife adventure

The rugged Eastern Isles – with their puffins and seals – are only a short paddle away, as are the deserted beaches of uninhabited islands like Samson. Or perhaps you prefer to stay close to St. Martin’s, and explore the islands’ own coves and inlets. Contact: 07925 762856

Dive school and snorkelling with seals

The clear waters around Scilly present some of the finest diving in the world – with an abundance of sea life and historic wrecks. The dive school on St. Martin’s offer charters, beginners’ taster dives – and, uniquely, an award-winning experience, snorkelling with wild seals. Be sure to book in good time. Higher Town, St. Martin's 01720 422848

Fay Page Jewellery: open studio

Fay’s distinctive jewellery is inspired by Scilly – and, sometimes, even modelled on finds from the islands’ beaches; each piece has its own story. Her studio is open to visitors, from Monday to Saturday, and is a fascinating visit – but be prepared to want something… Ashvale, St. Martin’s 01720 423017
Art and craft

See local art at North Farm Gallery

Artists from the Isles of Scilly may share a common inspiration, but it’s expressed in all kinds of ways – and there’s nowhere that’s clearer than at North Farm Gallery. In this converted barn, which showcases Scillonian art, you’ll find more styles and media than you’d think possible. Higher Town, St. Martin’s 01720 423028

St. Martin’s vineyard and visitor centre

The unique microclimate on the Isles of Scilly make the south-facing slopes of St. Martin’s a promising place to cultivate grapes. Visit on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – guided tours are at 11 am – or stop by the shop, for a real taste of the island. Higher Town, St. Martin’s 01720 423418

The official guide to The Islands

For more things to see and do on Scilly, including activities

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Day trips on St. Martin’s

St. Martin’s is one of the few islands where a day trip on Scillonian III is not really practical. But fly with Skybus, or choose a Fly+Sail round trip, and it’s easily within reach – with the right booking, you’ll even have time to snorkel with the seals.

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Walk the whole island

St. Martin’s is yours to explore.  

Traditional family camping

Pitch your tent, just yards from the beach.

Paradise for photographers

Around every corner, you’ll find nature and sweeping views.

Enjoy the beach

On St. Martin’s, the beaches slope gently into calm, shallow waters – perfect for little swimmers.

Absolute calm

Book a luxury yoga retreat, or simply enjoy the quiet.


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