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Scilly’s unique environment offers a huge diversity of habitats for a wide variety of wildlife and it’s one of the top reasons people give for choosing to visit. Grey seals thrive here, as do song thrushes and puffins visit late spring. You’ll find elm trees, red squirrels, orange birds-foot, the Scilly shrew, dolphins and much more.

The Eastern Isles - Isles of Scilly

Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust

Helping to keep Scilly Special

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust (IOSWT) is the local, independent conservation charity. They are responsible for looking after and maintaining just under 2000 hectares and protecting rare plants, birds and other wildlife and habitats. We have chosen to support IOSWT forming a partnership to ensure the islands remain special for people to enjoy for generations to come.

To help keep you and the wildlife safe and happy, the IOSWT have put together this handy guide.

What you'll see

Scilly's Wildlife

The Isles of Scilly have been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty since 1975 with over 50% of the islands being safeguarded for nature. The islands are home to a variety of wildlife, most of which thrives due to Scilly’s unique environment. Here’s just some of the wildlife you’ll see on Scilly:

  • • Atlantic Grey Seal

  • • Bats

  • • Comma

  • • Common Tern

  • • Cormorant

  • • Curlew

  • • Dolphins

  • • Dwarf Pansy

  • • Elm

  • • Fulmar

  • • Gannet

  • • Giant Goby

  • • Golden Hair Lichen

  • • Guillemot

  • • Hedgehog

  • • Kittiwake

  • • Least Adder’s Tongue Fern

  • • Lesser black backed Gull

  • • Ling and Bell Heather

  • • Little Egret

  • • Manx Shearwater

  • • Ocean Sunfish

  • • Orange Birds-foot

  • • Orange Peel Bryozoa

  • • Oystercatcher

  • • Puffin

  • • Razorbill

  • • Red-barbed Ant

  • • Ringed Plover

  • • Sap Groove Lichen

  • • Scilly Bee

  • • Scilly Shrew

  • • Shag

  • • Song Thrush

  • • Storm Petrel

  • • Turnstone

Atlantic Grey Seal - Arthur - Isles of Scilly

Atlantic grey seals

Grey seals flourish around Scilly and are a firm favourite with visitors. They can easily be spotted swimming or basking in the sun, but globally they are one of the rarest seal species; in the UK you’ll find more red squirrels! Scilly’s colony of seals is nationally important and it’s one of the reasons why the islands have been designated as a Special Area of Conservation. The IOSWT are keen to make sure any tourism operations do not affect the health and success of Scilly’s grey seal population. They work together with visitors and islanders to ensure people can visit the Islands and enjoy seeing the seals for years to come.

Donate to the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust’s Seal Appeal.

Guided Virtual Walks

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust have put together a series of guided virtual walks with their Marine Ranger Natalie Rance for you to enjoy at home or to follow when you’re out an about on scilly.

Walk 1: Innisidgen Burial Chamber

Walk 2: Tolls’ Hill

Walk 3: Halangy Down & Bant’s Carn

Walk 4: Garrison Walls

Walk 5: St Agnes & Gugh

Wildlife Trust

Did you know?

You can help to protect Scilly’s unique environment and support the conservation work that the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust do by making a voluntary donation to them when booking your travel.

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