Island boating - hopping between islands is easy

Scillonian III's arrival at St. Mary’s sees the quayside bustling with local boatmen, ready to carry visitors to the ‘off islands’ – Tresco, St. Martin’s, St. Agnes and Bryher. You’ll find blackboards advertising times and routes for these days trips on the quay. Each island has its own boating company that can ferry you around. As well as local notice boards, most of the boat operators have a website, or social media presence, making it easy to keep up with the latest trips and events.

Top things to see and do

Walking the islands

There are endless tracks and routes to follow along the coast or inland. Choose between nature trails, coast paths and much more; no matter which time of year you visit, the skyline will always be dramatic and sea inspiring. We think the best way to walk the breadth of the islands is by going at your own pace. Look out for maps and guided walks from the Tourist Information Centre.

Wildlife and bird watching

The islands provide a wealth of wildlife unique to the islands as the coastal waters are very peaceful, they host a rich diversity of species. The climate is warmer than the mainland and the land fruitful. Grey seals thrive here, as do song thrushes and puffins visit late spring. You’ll find elm trees, red squirrels, stone chats, the Scilly shrew, dolphins and much more.

Island hopping by boat

There aren’t many destinations in the world where you can explore multiple different islands in one day! A must visit of your holiday is to explore the islands by boat, there are services every day of the week and all the inhabited islands have their own individual boat services. You can purchase your tickets beforehand on St Mary’s quay.

Tresco Abbey Garden

The world famous sub-tropical Tresco Abbey Garden is a must see whilst on the Isles of Scilly. Located on Tresco Island. This tropical garden covers 17 acres and is home to more than 20,000 species of plants from 80 countries. Described as the perennial Kew without glass, it shrugs off sea spray and Atlantic gales to host a myriad of exotic plants.

Historical Tours and monuments

There are hundreds of archaeological sites of interests across the islands, pick up a handy guide from the Tourist Information Centre on St Mary’s. Or there are guided tours available or look out for simply many of these sites whilst exploring on each island.

Snorkelling with grey seals

You can snorkel with seals or dive for wrecks, the adventures are endless. Visit St Martin’s and snorkel with the seals, get close to these elegant creatures in their natural environment. All the equipment you will need is supplied and you don’t require any previous experience.

Enjoy the local Watersports

From paddle boarding to windsurfing, there’s plenty to discover; try your hand at a new sport with instructors on site or, for the more experienced, you can hire and go at your own pace exploring coves and bays. Watersports centres can be found on each inhabited island.

Enjoy fresh local food and drink

Just about anywhere you go you’ll find yourself not far from a cafe, pub, restaurant or a simple honesty stall selling local produce. There is an abundance of island grown food and drink- from island reared beef and duck to locally caught shellfish and Scillonian ales.

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