The Islands

Five inhabited islands, plus countless deserted ones to explore. The Isles of Scilly share a common atmosphere, perspective, and pace of life, but each has its own unique charms – and every visitor quickly finds a favourite.


The island of contrasts.

Bryher may be small, but you’ll find a little of everything you’d want from your island holiday: a rugged, Atlantic side and sheltered sandy beaches; awe-inspiring views and some of the Isles of Scilly’s most popular places to eat. You can explore by boat and at certain tides, even walk across the channel to Tresco.


Stylish, romantic and cosmopolitan.

Tresco is Scilly’s privately-owned island, with sophisticated cafés, an art gallery and a spa. But the island is most famous for the Abbey Garden: a world-renowned, 19th century garden, home to some 20,000 exotic plants. You’ll also find plenty of local history, sandy beaches, coastal panoramas and secluded spots.

St. Martins

The perfect beach destination.

With its laidback, rural ambiance and independent, local food producers, the only difficult thing about a stay on St. Martin’s is choosing which beach you’ll visit today. We mean it, too: all around the island, you’ll find white, sandy coves that slope gently into crystal-clear water. However will you decide?

St. Mary's

Every day, something new.

On St. Mary’s, you’ll be as close as the Isles of Scilly get to being busy. With beaches, shopping, countryside paths and coastal trails – along with plenty to do indoors – there’s always something new to try. It’s also the hub for Scilly’s inter-island boats: look out for the chalk boards on the quayside.

St. Agnes

Escape to the edge of the Atlantic.

Britain’s most south-westerly inhabited island, St. Agnes looks out onto three thousand miles of ocean. As you’d expect, it’s unspoiled, and a little untamed – with mysterious, Bronze age archaeology, and rare bird species brought in on the Atlantic currents. If you want to get away from it all, this is the place.

Find your favourite island

Everyone who comes to the Isles of Scilly finds their own favourite – a quiet bond with one island that, for them, feels that little bit more special than the others. But there’s no rush: after all, you’ll have five inhabited islands and countless deserted ones to explore. Each has its own charms, and they all share a friendly atmosphere, a dry humour, and the relaxed, Scillonian pace of life.

There’s one question every visitor to Scilly asks

Sooner or later, you relax on the beach or in a beer garden by the sea, the conversation inevitably turns in one particular direction.

“So… Which island will we visit next?”

It’s only natural, of course; the other islands look so tempting – gentle green slopes and long stretches of white sand – and they’re right there, just across the water. And there’s always the thought that your favourite island might still be waiting to be discovered.

There’s only one way to find out.

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