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Expectant Mothers

Travel from week 28 up to and including week 36
We ask that you provide a doctor’s certificate confirming that you are fit to travel, the stage of pregnancy, and your due date.

From 37 weeks up to and including your estimated delivery date

We’ll ask you to stick to our shortest flight, between St, Mary’s and Land’s End airports. You’ll also need a doctor’s note, issued within the previous 7 days of the travel date confirming fitness to travel.

Travel beyond your estimated delivery date

Beyond your delivery date you will only be allowed on flights between Land’s End and St. Mary’s. You must be accompanied by an adult escort (partner, friend, family member, medical professional) and have a letter issued by the doctor or midwife within the previous 24 hours confirming fitness to travel, a copy of which will be required at check-in.


Expectant Mothers

There are no legal restrictions on expectant mothers sailing with us.

However, pregnancy can sometimes make you more susceptible to motion sickness, so it might be a good idea to check for a suitable medication, just to be on the safe side.