A bit breezier today after a long calm spell but luckily the forecast looks like it’s settling down again in a day or two.

The sightings recently have been very exciting with regular Harbour Porpoises and Common Dolphins being spotted with the odd Risso’s Dolphins. The undoubted highlight were 3 sightings of the huge Leatherback Turtle in a mere 5 days. It has been another good year for these ancient monsters of the sea, here to feed on the abundance of various species of jellyfish. After a slow start we are beginning to see a few Minke Whales, one of which slowly crossed our wake. A wonderful view for all those out on deck.

Sandwich Terns are feeding between the islands before heading south.

Birds have included Balearic and Sooty Shearwaters in amongst the feeding Manx Shearwaters. Diving Gannets attracted the odd Great, Pomarine or Arctic Skua. These birds are the highwaymen of the sea, ready to rob any other bird of its fish. A few Storm Petrels are seen on most trips though they are hard to spot, being our smallest seabird. The slightly larger and rarer Leach’s Petrel was the best bird this week.

Lapland Bunting on Peninnis Head.

Migration is well underway on the islands and in the next few weeks we can expect some of the rarest birds that visit our country to turn up and attract gangs of obsessive birdwatchers who rush here as soon as the news is broadcast. Recently waders have arrived from America and the first Lapland Bunting from the far north has been spotted near Peninnis lighthouse.

Paul Semmens Isles of Scilly and Cornwall Wildlife Trusts.