Applying for a grant from the Community Fund

If you have a project and wish to apply, please download an application form, complete and return to us. Before applying, please read the supporting information and check below to ensure your project qualifies.

What you need to know before applying

Projects must fit into one of the following categories

  • Education (all ages)
  • Local projects and skills
  • Young people
  • Protection for the local environment
  • Specific community projects

Not-for-profit projects that create tangible longer-term benefits in the above categories will be given priority over other applications. Projects outside the above categories may be considered on a case-by-case basis if sufficient local community or legacy benefits can be identified.

The organisation applying must be one of the following

  • Voluntary community groups or charities
  • Schools and education establisments
  • Community clubs or societies
  • An individual undertaking a project for the benefit of the wider community

We cannot consider applications from any of the following

  • Large organisations such as commercial organisations, Isles of Scilly Council, Cornwall Council or the Duchy of Cornwall
  • Projects that only benefit one individual
  • Projects that have already reached their conclusion regardless of their payment status
  • Projects that promote a specific religious, social or political positioning
  • Sponsorships or general fund-raising that does not have a specific target or defined end result

We review and assess applications on the following criteria:

  • The amount of support and involvement shown towards the project from the community
  • The immediate benefits from carrying out the project-economic, educational, social, environmental or otherwise
  • The locality of the project
  • Who and how many people will benefit from undertaking the project
  • Security of the project's overall finances and likely delivery

You need to state the following within the application:

  • Can the applicant/s complete the project within the specified timeframe and to an acceptable standard?
  • Is the project sustainable after its roll-out, what efforts will be made to ensure its continuation?
  • Return on investment
  • Any other criteria that the commitee judge to be specifically relevant

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