Gry Maritha & Lyonesse Lady will be out of service for scheduled maintenance from Sunday 16th October 2022. We estimate that they will return to service on Monday 31st October 2022, Lyonesse Lady might be slightly earlier if work is completed sooner.

Scillonian III will carry the freight to the islands and Swift Lady will undertake the off-island freight. There will be the usual restrictions on freight as Scillonian III and Swift Lady will have limited capacity.

During this period of time we will only be carrying essential chilled and perishable goods, and reduced general goods onboard Scillonian III. Unfortunately, we have limited capacity on Scillonian III compared to Gry Maritha. This limited space will be allocated on a first come first served basis, with only booked and confirmed items accepted on day of shipment.

All bookings will need to be confirmed with quantity and weights no later than 15:00 the day before intended delivery via email:

If we cannot accept your booking due to being at capacity, we will contact you at the earliest opportunity and advise you and will ask if convenient to transfer your booking to the next available sailing.

To view the Scillonian III schedule and acceptance times, please click here.

Essential “General Goods” must also be booked and will be accepted Monday to Friday between 10:00 – 15:00. (these may not be shipped on day of delivery).

Please note: During this time, the off-islands will be serviced by Swift Lady and we will therefore only be able to carry essential perishables which are unloaded by hand. Swift Lady is unable to carry any Dangerous Goods.