As you are aware, the Gry Maritha is currently in Dry Dock undergoing her routine maintenance program. At this time work on the Gry Maritha will take longer than originally communicated due to an unexpected tail shaft repair and will be unable to meet the suitable high tide cut-off for undocking on the 1st May. We will plan to undock the Gry on the next suitable high tidal range  which commences on the 10th May. We will provide further customer notices nearer the time.

Whilst the Gry Marthia is currently out of service the Scillonian III has been carrying all freight to the islands and will now run two additional trip next week for frozen goods. These additional sailings will take place  on  Tuesday 27th April, and Thursday 29th April.

Please use these sailings for any frozen orders you would like to place. Penzance freight office will need this booked in the day before, just like any other freight. We are still running the Scillonian as planned on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – These days should still be used for you chilled and perishable orders.

We would like to thank all our customers for their patience and understanding during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

For all your freight questions and for further information please contact our freight offices on:

Penzance Quay on 01736 334249 or St. Mary’s Quay on 01720 424230.