Due to essential maintenance work, Gry Maritha will be out of service on Wednesday 5th July 2023.

We appreciate that this news does not come at a good time, but due to ongoing essential maintenance work needed on Gry Maritha, the vessel will be moved into Penzance Dry Dock on Wednesday 5th July 2023.

Unfortunately, there are no alternatives as we are governed by the availability of the dry dock and the tidal conditions needed to dock the vessel.

To keep disruption to a minimum we will be delaying the departure time of Scillonian III by two hours on Wednesday 5th July, to allow for additional freight to be loaded onto Scillonian III.

We are predicting some disruption to the normal freight loading and delivery service, and we are working hard on a plan to keep this to a minimum.  We are now looking into additional vessel cover to assist us with a number of freight runs to and from the islands. We will release further communications regarding this.

For the week commencing 3rd July, the new sailing schedule is as follows:

Monday 3rd July – Gry Maritha sails as scheduled.

Tuesday 4th July – Gry Maritha will return from St Mary’s and will unload at Penzance. The vessel will dry dock at Penzance on the evening of Tuesday 4th at approximately 19:00.

Wednesday 5th July – Gry Maritha will spend the day in Penzance Dry Dock undergoing repairs– Wednesday’s sailing is CANCELLED.

Thursday 6th July – Gry Maritha will continue in Dry Dock throughout the day and will exit at 20:00 (TBC) on the evening tide. Thursday’s sailing departing Scilly is CANCELLED.

Friday 7th July – Gry Maritha will return to service.

We would like to assure you that we are doing all we can to minimise disruption to the and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Please contact Penzance Quay on 01736 334249 or St Mary’s Quay on 01720 424230 with any queries.

Please keep an eye out for updates via email, our text alerts and on our Twitter travel updates page and website.