We are committed to returning Gry Maritha back to scheduled service as soon as possible, however the work to resolve this mechanical issue is ongoing. Sadly, this will result in Friday 10th February 2023 scheduled sailing being cancelled.

As of today, Thursday 9th February 2023, the vessel remains on the outside of the North Arm and at low tide, the propeller and tail shaft were removed from the vessel by our engineering team and Penzance Dry Dock personnel.  Our plan is to complete the repair on the propeller and tail shaft following which, Gry Maritha, will need to be dry docked for a short period to reinsert the tail shaft. We plan for this to be carried out on the week commencing 20th February. We will continue to keep you updated on the repair to the tail shaft and propeller.

The good news is, the vessel will return to service on Monday 13th February 2023 and will be escorted by a tug as agreed with our regulators.

We plan to load Gry Maritha on Friday 10th February with non-perishable freight only and chilled and frozen goods will need to be cancelled. We then intend to load as normal on Monday (13th). Our aim is for Gry Maritha to depart Penzance on the morning tide with the tug arriving into St. Mary’s on Monday afternoon.

Our team of engineers and crew are working tirelessly to ensure minimum disruption to the service.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding and we apologise for the inconvenience. Please contact Penzance Quay on 01736 334249 or St Mary’s Quay on 01720 424230 with any queries.

Please keep an eye out for updates via email, our text alerts and on our Twitter travel updates page and website.