Further to the earlier announcement concerning the engine failure on Gry Maritha, we can now provide the following update.


Lyonesse Lady will be departing St Mary’s at 07:00 on Saturday, with a scheduled arrival in Penzance of 11:30. It will then return to St Mary’s at around 17:00, with the chilled product, which we plan on delivering on Saturday evening and Sunday morning on St Mary’s. Items for the off islands will be delivered by Lyonesse Lady either on Saturday evening (crew hours permitting) or Sunday morning. Confirmation of this will be provided later on Saturday.


All other freight will be shipped on the next Gry Maritha crossing. An update on the engine repairs will be provided in due course.


As ever, we will do whatever we can to minimise disruption to the freight service, and thank you for your patience during this challenging time.