The Gry Maritha will continue to load freight as planned on Thursday 12th   January, which includes chilled, frozen and perishable goods.

Due to the updated and ever-changing weather forecast, we have made the decision to delay Thursday’s planned sailing until Friday 13th January, leaving at approximately 18:45.

The unloading of freight will take place on St. Mary’s during the early morning hours of Saturday 14th January.

We will be accepting additional chilled, frozen, and perishable freight, along with any general freight already booked on Friday 13th January.

Please contact Penzance freight office to make bookings.

Please contact Penzance Quay on 01736 334249 or St Mary’s Quay on 01720 424230 with any queries.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding. Please keep an eye out for updates via email, our text alerts and on our Twitter travel updates page and website.