Due to the current weather forecast, Gry Maritha is planning to sail at the earlier time of 9 am on Friday 14th February 2020. This will allow the ship to get to St. Mary’s, discharge freight and return to Penzance before the forecasted storm arrives.

We are advising customers and suppliers to bring forward any perishable freight booked for Fridays sailing and deliver your freight items to Penzance quay between 10 am and 1 pm on Thursday 13th February.

Gry Maritha is aiming to arrive to St. Mary’s at approximately 2 pm on Friday and will return to Penzance later that day (14th).

For all your freight needs and enquiries please call: St. Mary’s Quay: 01720 424230 OR Penzance Freight Office: 01736 334249 / 334236.