The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group is inviting residents of the Scillies to a public listening event on September 16th to be held at the Scillonian Club in Hugh Town on St Mary’s.

The event will offer people the chance to come and meet members of the Group’s senior management team in an informal setting to ask questions and discuss any issues or make suggestions they may have about the services provided by the Company.

There will be two sessions during the day, one starting in the late morning and the other in the late afternoon. The Company will be represented at the event by a broad range of its senior management team so that attendees will have the opportunity to speak to the most relevant person. Several Steamship Company Board members will also be present throughout the day to join in with the discussions.

 Rob Goldsmith, the Steamship Group’s Chief Executive said: “We have run a couple of these events in the recent past on the off-islands and we found them incredibly valuable. This is a much bigger event on St Mary’s and an open invitation to the whole community to come and meet with us and talk constructively about the service we’re providing.

“This could be about any of our activities including Skybus, the Scillonian III, Travel Club, Nike Engineering, freight or even the new Community Fund. We also find that this type of event is a great way to learn about how we can provide a better service and discuss the future.”

The listening events will include information and displays about the Group’s recent investments and next steps. It will also be an opportunity to talk about how the Steamship Company intends to continue to develop the transport system for residents, and nurture further growth in the visitor market with passenger numbers up 9% in the first seven months of this year.

The listening events will be held at the Scillonian Club on September 16th.There will be two sessions on the day, one between 11am – 2pm and other from 3pm – 6pm.

The Steamship Group recently announced that it will establish a £30,000 annual Community Fund to support community-based projects and good causes across the Isles of Scilly and West Cornwall, and more information will be provided at the event.

The Community Fund will support a number of not-for-profit projects in the community each year. Applications will be invited from projects involved in education (all ages), local training and skills, youth development and the protection and enhancement of the local environment.

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