The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company has signed a contract to provide support services to Guernsey’s Air Aurigny from November 2nd to December 18th.

This means we will be on standby over the period to assist Air Aurigny with flights between Guernsey Airport and Alderney and Alderney Airport and Southampton, while the company’s own aircraft undergo maintenance.

If our services are needed, Skybus will be using one of our four DH6 Twin Otters with our Skybus crew to carry Air Aurigny passengers. Air Aurigny operates two Dornier 228NG aircraft on these routes.

On Thursday November 4th we performed an exploratory flight to Guernsey, which included Chief Pilot Richard Ashby and Deputy Chief Pilot Ben Woodward. Also on board were Quality and Flight Safety Manager Terry Jelly and Chief Financial Officer Judith Piper, who met representatives of the Aurigny team.

Skybus is expected to perform its first fixed cover period at the end of November, but whilst on standby could be called at any time.

Chief Pilot Richard Ashby said: “We have worked with Air Aurigny to deliver this support service during their maintenance period. It is a very exciting for our crews to have the opportunity to operate on different routes in the UK and is a very good opportunity for Skybus during our quieter winter months which will see our fleet continue to be utilised. We hope that this is the first of many opportunities for Skybus.”

Following on from the exploratory flights, on Thursday November 25th Skybus flew its first supporting flight between Guernsey and Alderney since the standby period commenced.

Air Aurigny offers a wide range of services and lifeline links. Established 50 years ago, it has served millions of passengers and currently operates more than 15,000 flights a year to 14 destinations.

Air Aurigny is owned by the States of Guernsey and its network includes services to Guernsey, Alderney and destinations across the UK and Europe.