As the colours of autumn fade into winter, and coldness permeates the air, it can be tempting to stay inside and let the walking boots gather dust beside the door.


Even though winter brings with it a chill and a longing to curl up beside the fireplace, heading out for a winter walk can be incredibly effective at maintaining good mental health and wellbeing.


That’s why the Festival of Winter Walks, taking place all over the UK from the third Saturday of December through to the first Sunday of January, is a brilliant reminder of how important going for a stroll is. It allows us to stay active and prioritise our wellbeing, whilst enjoying our natural surroundings.







Walks on the Isles of Scilly are stunning no matter when you visit, with each month and season bringing something new to the scenery that partners every amble.


Wintery walks on the Isles of Scilly can feel as though you are the only one on the island, the rugged beauty of the islands reserving their splendour just for you. Yet this serene ambience is still present in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn, when the hotels and restaurants are open but the island’s peacefulness still very much here.


It is in these seasons that the islands can fluctuate between feeling like both winter and summer. The quietude of a wintery day can create incredible birdwatching opportunities and undisturbed views of the islands. Yet it can feel like a summer’s day when the sun comes out and reflects beautifully onto the ocean. The mixture that is present in the shoulder seasons can make each outing feel even more special, and even more unique.






The Festival of Winter Walks has us thinking about our favourite strolls to take on the Isles of Scilly. Here is a small list of just some of our top walks that are sure to be enjoyed whether you are visiting alone, with your dog, or with the whole family.


St Mary’s – Garrison Walls to Peninnis Lighthouse



For lovers of both incredible views and history, the walk from the Garrison Walls to Peninnis Lighthouse is the best of both worlds. Discover the history of these impressive defences and see the canons before taking a thirty-minute coastal walk to the lighthouse. The views that accompany you offer captivating seascapes and scenery that truly holds the imagination.


St Agnes – The Bar



If the tides allow, one of the first things that stands out as you reach the peaceful island of St Agnes is the magnificent sandbar that stretches out to Gugh. An amble across the bar to this little island at low water is a walk like no other, just make sure you remember to check the tide times!


St Martin’s – Lawrence Bay and St Martin’s Flats



If the tides allow, this enchanting walk and white sandy beach can last for miles as you stroll between the two quays, offering a view that feels unspoiled in its beauty and captures the serenity of the islands perfectly.


Tresco – Abbey Gardens



For lovers of all things nature, this walk will make you feel as though you are somewhere else entirely. With plants blooming weeks ahead of mainland spring, this is a subtropical delight with the changing flowers and surroundings highlighting the individual beauty of each season.


Bryher – Watch Hill



The hike up to Watch Hill is one of the most stunning ways to see a captivating view of the archipelago. Bring a flask and picnic and take in one of the best panoramas the islands have to offer.


No matter which island you choose to visit, all capture the beauty of the changing seasons in their own unique way. Discover them on a walk, whether it be in the shoulder seasons, a winter’s day, or in summer, and enjoy them for yourself.