Swimming in calm, turquoise waters while you take in the spectacular view surrounding you. Lounging on a terrace with a glass of wine and a belly full of local, freshly caught fish. Walking along white-sand beaches, where the only footprints left behind are your own. Watching with astonishment as you visit an off-island so peaceful you could convince yourself you were the only person there.

These are just some of the moments that can be experienced on Scilly, a place so tranquil, so unlike anything else, that it becomes one that you will never forget. It is not just what you see or do on the islands that enraptures you—it is how it makes you feel. How it can capture the imagination and heart in a single visit.

It is a place that enchants generation after generation, with those who love it returning as soon as they can for more. It is a place you will remember with fondness as the islands gift their visitors a peaceful and calming ambiance, no matter how long you choose to stay.


View of beach and nature in Spring




When there are so many options of what you could gift your loved ones, why not give them an experience to look forward to? And not just any experience, but one as captivating as the Isles of Scilly.

Perhaps you are a lover of the islands yourself and long to share their magic with someone close. Or perhaps you know a family who would enjoy a day of exploring a place both removed yet accessible from everyday life. Maybe you know someone who has always wished to visit, yet never quite got round to it. Or someone who is looking for an exciting trip out with their dog, where the travel is dog-friendly and easy, the walks enthralling, and the pubs cosy.

Thanks to our gift vouchers, giving the gift of Scilly has never been so easy. And what could be more special than the present of memories that will be held dear for a lifetime?


 couple walking in a vineyard




No matter the budget, no matter the recipient, we’ve got you covered. Our gift vouchers can include any amount you wish. Whether that is a day trip on board Scillonian III for one person or for the whole family, or a Skybus return for a couple, you choose however much you want to gift. If you need help with choosing an amount to gift, our fares page can assist with how much each trip will cost. But no matter what you choose to give, the magic of Scilly is sure to be delivered with every voucher purchased.

You can read more about our gift vouchers on our website here. To purchase, simply call our friendly passenger relations team who will arrange it all for you, delivering the voucher directly to your chosen address along with the latest printed edition of our S Magazine to go alongside it.

If you prefer, our flexible ticket option allows you to book the trip and gift the tickets yourself with peace of mind that the recipient can change their travel dates if needed without having to pay amendment fees. This is a brilliant option if you wish to secure your chosen dates early.




Our gift vouchers are valid for 12 months.

To receive a physical gift voucher in time for Christmas, please order before 16th December. If buying after this date, we can send a digital voucher via email, the perfect option for a last-minute present.

To book, please call: 01736 334220