• Experience

    Accessible activity

  • Location

    St Mary's

  • Duration

    1-7 days

Explore all of St Mary’s at your own pace in your own way

Scilly Carts is a an easy and accessible way to see more of the St Mary’s. Perfect for families or those with reduce mobility, they offer a way to make the most of your time on the island and enjoy the views at the same time!

See what the Isles of Scilly have to offer from a cart

In a nutshell

  • Hire either a two, four or six seater cart
  • Enjoy a short one day hire or have it for the week — it’s up to you
  • See all of St Mary’s with ease and on your schedule

Key Facts

  • LOCATION: Porthmellon, St Mary’s
  • OPENING HOURS: 7 days a week throughout the season
  • PRICE: Prices start from £60 for a one day hire of their two-seater
  • WEBSITE: https://www.scillycarts.com/what-we-offer

A building of carts

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