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Low Spring Tide events

April 20th and September 1st 2019 There are certain days when lunar forces combine creating Spring tides so low that it’s possible to walk between the channel of Bryher and Tresco.  Mid-channel there’s a sandbar where Tresco Island sets up a pop-up event, including a pop up BBQ & bar, games and live music. For full details contact Tresco Island on 01720 422849. *Please check tide times and the weather forecast before making the crossing, never walk in fog and always tell someone where you are going.

April 20th 2019 - September 1st 2019

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Scilly Swim Challenge Events

Starting at sunrise, swimmers will attempt to swim and walk between six islands over a series of events throughout the year, the event focuses on the challenger aspect of open water swimming rather than it being a race.  The events will start and finish on St. Mary's, the main island, visiting St. Martins, Tresco, Bryher, Samson and St. Agnes. To find out more visit the Scilly Swim Challenge.

  • Spring Scilly Swim Challenge 25th May 2019
  • Scilly 360 Swim Race 27th July 2019
  • Two Day Scilly Swim Challenge 7-8th Sep 2019
  • One Day Scilly Swim Challenge 10th Sep 2019

May 25th 2019 - September 10th 2019

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Butterfly Count & Bee Bumble - Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust - Event


Butterfly Count & Bee Bumble

July 2019 Butterflies & Bees really do make the world go around! Don't be put off if you don't feel the love for flappy or buzzing critters, come along, learn a little about their lives and you may just find it in your heart to view them a little differently! Join the wildlife's trust Education Ranger on a guided search for Butterflies & Bumbles on Scilly; discover their secret lives and how they really do help us! From Sky Bears to Honey Bees, Red Admirals to the Common Blue, come along and find out what makes Scilly's just that little bit different from Mainland species! 1st July, St Agnes - Book Now 11th July, St Martin's - Book Now 18th July, St Mary's - Book Now

July 1st 2019 - July 18th 2019

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Wildlife Safari with St Agnes Boating and Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust


Wildlife Safari with St Agnes Boating

July 2019 The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust are teaming up with St Agnes Boating once again for 2019 to bring you Wildlife Safaris every Wednesday; departing from St Agnes Quay at 13:00. Trips usually take in the Western Rocks where we expect to see Puffins, Manx shearwater Guillemots, Razorbills, Shags and Fulmar, Dolphins, Porpoise, Sunfish, Seals & much more (during their respective breeding seasons) You will also discover the fascinating world of Marine Plastics, lost Cargo & Shipwrecks as well as learning about the valuable work that the Trust does across the Islands for the benefit of nature and people. 3rd July - Book Now 10th July - Book Now 17th July - Book Now 24th July - Book Now 31st July - Book Now

July 3rd 2019

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Rockpool Ramble and Beach Combing - Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust Event


Rockpool Ramble & Beach Combing

July 2019 Ever wondered what the weird critter is attached to the rock, when you've visited the beach? Now's your chance to find out! You'll meet some of our less well known residents; discovering Sea slugs, Squat lobsters, Pipe fish, Dog whelks, Strawberry Anemones, Starfish, Clingfish, Crabs and much more! We'll also learn about the not so boring Limpet and seaweeds such as Gutweed, Sea Lettuce & Kelp. You'll also give a little back and do our bit to look after our marine environment by carrying out a #2MinuteBeachClean (or longer) and encouraging attendees to #Take3ForTheSea. Join the wildlife's trust Education Ranger for a guided tour of the rocky shore; looking in the shallows for whatever wildlife is about! 4th July, Bryher - Book Now 5th July, St. Mary - Book Now

July 4th 2019 - July 5th 2019

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