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Scilly Swim Challenge Events

Starting at sunrise, swimmers will attempt to swim and walk between six islands over a series of events throughout the year, the event focuses on the challenger aspect of open water swimming rather than it being a race.  The events will start and finish on St. Mary's, the main island, visiting St. Martins, Tresco, Bryher, Samson and St. Agnes. To find out more visit the Scilly Swim Challenge. 25th May 2019, Spring Scilly Swim Challenge 27th July 2019, Scilly 360 Swim Race 7-8th Sep 2019, Two Day Scilly Swim Challenge 10th Sep 2019, One Day Scilly Swim Challenge

May 25th 2019 - September 10th 2019

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Rockpool Ramble and Beach Combing - Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust Event


Rockpool Ramble & Beach Combing

August & September 2019 Ever wondered what the weird critter is attached to the rock, when you've visited the beach? Now's your chance to find out! You'll meet some of our less well known residents; discovering Sea slugs, Squat lobsters, Pipe fish, Dog whelks, Strawberry Anemones, Starfish, Clingfish, Crabs and much more! We'll also learn about the not so boring Limpet and seaweeds such as Gutweed, Sea Lettuce & Kelp. You'll also give a little back and do our bit to look after our marine environment by carrying out a #2MinuteBeachClean (or longer) and encouraging attendees to #Take3ForTheSea. Join the wildlife's trust Education Ranger for a guided tour of the rocky shore; looking in the shallows for whatever wildlife is about! 2nd August, Bryher - Book Now 3rd August, St. Agnes - Book Now 5th August, St. Mary's - Book Now 30th August, Tresco - Book Now 31st August, St. Martin's - Book Now 2nd September, St. Agnes - Book Now 3rd September, St. Mary's - Book Now

August 2nd 2019 - September 3rd 2019

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Insect Safari - IOS Wildlife Trust


Insect Safari

August 2019 Creepy Crawlies are not everyone's cup of tea but we are pretty confident we can change your mind! Don't be put off if you don't feel the love for the bugs, come along, learn a little about their lives and you may just find it in your heart to view them a little differently! Join the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Education Ranger on a guided search for all kinds of insects and other bugs; discover their incredible super powers, survival techniques and how they really do help us! From wiggly worms, to burrowing beetles, wacky water-boatmen to marvellous millipedes; who knows what we'll find and what crazy facts you may discover! 14th August, St. Mary's - Book Now 16th August, Bryher - Book Now 19th August, St. Martin's - Book Now 23rd August, Tresco - Book Now

August 14th 2019 - August 23rd 2019

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Coastal Walk & Sea-Watching - Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, Event


Coastal Walk & Sea-Watching

August & September 2019 There is so much to see around Scilly's coastline, if you know what you're looking for and take the time to really look! These excursions are fantastic for those who haven't quite acquired their sea-legs or prefer viewing wildlife from terra firma! Join the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust Education Ranger for a guided coastal walk out and around a part of Scilly. Looking for wildlife and Scilly treasures not just on land but at sea too; who knows what characters you might see? Maybe the elusive Scilly Shrew, Green Tiger Beetle, our incredibly special Orange birds-foot? Possibly even Porpoise, Dolphins, Seals or our some of our internationally important breeding seabirds? 17th August, Tresco - Book Now 6th September, St. Mary's - Book Now

August 17th 2019 - September 6th 2019

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Bats, Moths & the Moon


Bats, Moths & the Moon

August 2019 Ever fancied a nighttime stroll but not sure what to expect? Here is the perfect opportunity to discover Scilly in the dark! Scilly is just as spectacular at night and here is your opportunity to discover a little more about our wildlife that ventures out after dark! With a focus on Bats, we'll also be looking out for and listening for all the things that are much happier under cover of darkness; including Hedgehogs, Crickets, Moth, Beetles and more! Join the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust Education Ranger on this fabulous evening excursion; it's well worth staying up for! 28th August, St. Mary's - Book Now

August 28th 2019

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