Here at Isles of Scilly Travel we’ve had the pleasure of a 14 year old work experience student join the team. Joanna spent some time on the islands and during her visit she wrote about her experience. The piece is such a fantastic introduction to the islands and we thought you’d enjoy reading it too!

Wednesday the 22nd of June, a warm summer’s day, was the date we set out on our adventure to the Isles of Scilly on-board Scillonian III. Our boarding was very efficient, with many friendly staff greeting us as we climbed aboard; there was no shortage of seating either as we quickly found the perfect seats on the deck, giving us unique views of the Cornish coastline and deep blue sea ahead of us – perfect for wildlife spotting. It pleased me to see various dogs on-board, as being a dog lover, it made me happy that people decided to bring their pets for a much needed holiday too.

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The ship itself was very clean, looked and felt new, with the interior being very stylish and boasting a vast range of comfortable reclining seats throughout the multiple levels of indoor seating. When we decided to buy some refreshments there was no shortage in our options, as the two cafes inside the ship contained a surprising variety of food and drink, and the gift shop sold sweet postcards of the Isles and many more thoughtful produce and merchandise.


As we disembarked the Scillonian III in St. Mary’s, we were immediately emerged in the beauty of the Islands with the crystal clear water and charming, quaint town surrounding us. During the short walk into the centre of the town we were spoilt for choice whilst looking for a place to eat, it was nice to see so many thriving local businesses selling goods made on the islands, providing us and the tourists with a truly immersive experience of the fascinating lifestyle the locals live.


The Islands themselves may be small, but there is no shortage of fun activities for people to take part in during their stay, such as: Horse riding across the beautiful beaches of St Mary’s, boat rentals and boat tours to spot the unique sea life living in and around the islands, Scuba diving to get a more adventurous view of the animals and plant life, exploring Tresco Abbey Gardens and the unique, magical colours of the grounds, and much more.


Nearer the end of our stay, it was nice to relax and unwind on the beach as the temperature increased and the sun began to shine brighter. I could hear laughter as people played and splashed in the ocean, yet the atmosphere itself was calm and peaceful – making, in my mind, the Isles of Scilly the perfect holiday destination.


Overall, I really enjoyed my stay on the islands, despite it being a rather brief visit. I can’t wait to come back again soon, so that I can participate in more exciting activities and create more unforgettable memories.

Reaching the Isles of Scilly couldn’t be easier with the option to fly or sail, there are regular flights from Land’s End, Newquay and Exeter airport. Or sail on the Scillonian passenger ferry from Penzance, visit: