We wish we were able to welcome you on-board Scillonian III or Skybus to take you to these beautiful sand-fringed islands and enjoy the great outdoors. Whilst we are not be able to connect you to the islands at the moment, we can bring a little of Scilly to your home.

As we navigate these uncertain times, we will bring you a little piece of Scilly through photos and video on our website and social media channels to bring some joy and a smile to your face. Some of you have already shared your Isles of Scilly memories with us and we’ve included a few of our favourites below.

Geoffrey Mercer- “I first saw the Scilly Isles when flying in a Coastal Command Lancaster, a long-range maritime reconnaissance bomber, out of St. Mawgan. Four years later we enjoyed our honeymoon, travelling on the Scillonian. It is our top holiday destination… St Agnes is now our favourite Island, probably for the last twelve years. In the sixties St. Martin’s. There are many happy memories. Friends started visiting before us in the fifties. One of them lives on St Mary’s and we catch up each year.”

The Pinches and the Bullock families – “As a family we have fingers crossed for our annual flights from Land’s End on August 1st.  We need the peace and joy of Scilly – that first breath of the wonderful air and the welcome from the Sky Bus drivers!!  Can’t wait to get to Shamrock, then Strudel at Sabine’s followed by coffee at Juliet’s!!!  Not forgetting a paddle in the ocean even though I will be 79 by then!”

bubbsyching on Instagram “My faithful (recently departed) dog Braque who made my trips to the Isles of Scilly SO special. Our trips there were the best holidays of my life.”

And a margarita at The Beach cafe and restaurant on St. Mary’s.

Tewintrouble on Instagram- “Dreaming of happy times past and wondering when we can return.”

Thefieldinourgarden on Instagram -“Bar Point April 2018, visited many times as this is my favourite beach in the world, and now my children’s.”

Georgiek_artist on Instagram- “Isles of Scilly Memories”

katezwalsh on Instagram- “Porthcressa, Scilly Isles on a day trip in September 2017. I swore then that I would return to explore the islands better.”

mrsoaksie on Instagram- “A year ago today we were on board the Scillonion to escape life. I hope we get to see our favourite islands sometime this year and hope the IOS residents are keeping safe.”

Please keep sharing your memories with us and if you have an image request for photos you’d like to see, do get in touch via our social media channels and we’ll do our best to share them. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in the future.