Enjoy longer days in the Isles of Scilly sunshine

The spring season and start of British summer time brings with it not only longer days, but the opportunity to spend more time on the beautiful Isles of Scilly.  More time on the islands means you can experience more of what Scilly has to offer and even enough time to visit more than one island in just one day.


Skybus day trips – top tip

Flying to the Isles of Scilly on board Skybus, or making the most of our Fly+Sail tickets when visiting for the day means you can travel from Land’s End and reach the islands in just 15 minutes.  If you select our first and last flights of the day, you can spend up to 9 hours on the Isles of Scilly.


Longer days on the islands with Scillonian III

If you choose to travel on board Scillonian III, our schedule has been coordinated with day trips to the islands in mind.  Over the season, you will notice several opportunities each month to make the most of our reduced day trip fares, earlier sailing times and later returns – to give you more time to enjoy the islands and their unique offering.

Our standard sailing times give you 4hr 30mins to explore but for those who want more time and agree that ‘you can never have too much of a good thing’ will want to take note of these dates, which offer you the chance to spend up to 8 hours on the Isles of Scilly.


Saturday 2nd 5hrs 15mins
Thursday 28th 7hrs 45mins
Saturday 30th 6hrs
Tuesday 17th 5hrs 15mins
Saturday 28th 7hrs 45mins
Saturday 4th 7hrs 45mins
Wednesday 15th 5hrs 15mins
Saturday 25th 5hrs 45mins
Thursday 14th 5hrs 30mins
Saturday 30th (fully booked for day trips) 8hrs 15mins
Saturday 6th 7hrs 45mins
Wednesday 17th 5hrs 30mins
Saturday 20th 7hrs 45mins
Wednesday 24th 5hrs 30mins
Saturday 27th 7hrs 45mins


As well as the opportunity to spend more time on the islands, we have introduced reduced day trip fares across all of our services, with travel starting at as little as £35pp for a return.

Travel on board Scillonian III from Penzance from £35pp return.  Fly from Land’s End to the Isles of Scilly and sail back to Penzance with our Fly+Sail tickets from £88pp or enjoy a scenic return flight from Land’s End from £127pp.

Find out more about our day trip offers here.


For more information on Scillonian times, fares and availability – take a look at our handy travel calendar.

Or for day trip inspiration and itineraries, head over to our ‘Day Trips’ page.