With the days gradually getting shorter and the winter chill firmly here, it means that Christmas is finally just around the corner.

Whether you’re looking for Isles of Scilly inspired stationery and games, beautiful handmade jewellery from St Martin’s, or exotic succulents fresh from the farms of Bryher, we’ve got you covered. Each establishment in this guide is a small, friendly business local to the Isles of Scilly, meaning that every purchase is helping the businesses of the islands to thrive.

If you still have some festive shopping left to do, are wanting to gift some Isles of Scilly magic to a loved one or are looking for some small businesses to support at this time, then look no further as we present to you our ‘12 Days of Isles of Scilly Gifts’.




Ellie is a mum of three who grew up on the Isles of Scilly and now offers a host of gifts and goodies designed to bring a little bit of island magic to your every day life. Inspired by the islands’ natural beauty and ever-changing seascapes, Ellie started her business in 2020, selling everything from placemats and coasters to calendars and posters, as well as The Isles of Scilly Board Game. If you’re quick enough you might be lucky enough to grab one of three varieties of ‘Scilly Stocking’ on offer—a limited edition festive collaboration with six other small Scillonian businesses.


SHOP NOW: www.ellietabron.com

Facebook: Ellie Tabron: Island Images | Instagram: @ellietabron and @islandimagesshop

Order before 18th December for Christmas delivery.




Distilled in small batches from pure local ingredients and aged in old whisky barrels bottled on its farm, the lingering notes of peat in SC Dogs’ whisky barrel-aged rum produces a taste to savour over ice or with your favourite mixer.

SC Dogs Distillery crafted its distinctive rum in honour of the Lethbridge family, the successive coxswains of St Mary’s Lifeboat. With the sale of every bottle money is raised for the RNLI’s water safety initiatives across the islands and Cornwall, including £5 of the price of its 70cl whisky barrel-aged rum bottles and £2.50 of the price of the 35cl whisky barrel-aged rum bottles.


SHOP NOW: www.scdogs.co.uk

Facebook: SC Dogs | Instagram: @scdogs_distillery

Order before 18th December for Christmas delivery.




Scilly Chilli lovingly grows all its own chillies at Hillside Farm on the small island of Bryher, under the sunshine. Scilly Chilli was born during lockdown, and has grown from selling just a few products to a selection of more than 20, including the original chilli jam, deliciously smooth chilli chocolate, mild sweet dipping sauce and gold-award winning peri peri sauce. Inspired by the nature-friendly, regenerative agriculture movement, Scilly Chilli uses rainwater harvested from the farm’s roofs, makes its own natural seaweed fertiliser and prefers natural predators like ladybirds to artificial pesticides.


SHOP NOW: www.scillychilli.co.uk

Facebook: Scilly Chilli | Instagram: @scillychilli

Order before 20th December for Christmas delivery.




Scilly Succulents was created in 2016 when the mild temperatures and sandy soil of Veronica Farm were filled with succulent ‘weeds’. From then to now, around fifty different varieties of succulents are grown in the farm’s fields and polytunnels. The most popular product of all is the gift box of six beautiful plants that are sent out in well-presented boxes and finished with a ribbon.


SHOP NOW: www.scillysucculents.co.uk

Facebook: Scilly Succulents | Instagram: @scillysucculent

Order before mid-December for Christmas delivery.




Veronica Farm Fudge was born over thirty years ago when an extremely sweet tooth and the discovery of an old handwritten recipe at age eleven led to fudge so delicious people were knocking and asking for more.

Now, this fudge farm on Bryher prioritises local ingredients for creamy, fresh fudge that is of the best quality. From Troytown Clotted Cream, to salt from St Martin’s, to honey from the farm next door, this is fudge that truly celebrates the flavours of Scilly.

With handwritten notes available to accompany your Christmas gifts, this is the perfect way to spread some cheer and send a loved one a reminder of their island holiday on Christmas Day.


SHOP NOW: www.veronicafarmfudge.co.uk

Facebook: Veronica Farm Fudge | Instagram: @scillyfudge

Order before mid-December for Christmas delivery.




Phoenix & Providence formulate award-winning organic skincare, infused with skin nourishing seaweed foraged from the crystal-clear waters surrounding the Isles of Scilly. Handcrafted on St Martin’s, its spa-quality skincare is a thoughtful gift for someone special who deserves a moment of island tranquillity in their own bathroom.

You can create your own Phoenix & Providence self-care gift box wrapped in its custom print paper. These beautifully presented gift boxes include a handwritten message and can be sent directly to your loved ones ready to place under the Christmas tree.


SHOP NOW: www.phoenixandprovidence.co.uk

Facebook: Phoenix & Providence | Instagram: @phoenixandprovidence

Order before 18th December for Christmas delivery.




A gift box of Scilly-grown, scented narcissi is a thoughtful way to send Christmas greetings to friends and family. The Scilly Flowers team, based on St Martin’s, are ready to post your Christmas flowers to any UK doorstop. From being grown in small traditional fields dotted across the islands to being sent direct whilst wrapped in paper, Scilly Flowers are one of the most sustainable ways to have flowers delivered.


SHOP NOW: www.scillyflowers.co.uk

Call: 01720 422169 | Facebook: Scilly Flowers | Instagram: @scillyflowers

Order before 10th December to be in with a chance of winning your Christmas flowers for free.




Give the one you love a Christmas gift they will remember forever – a stay at the historic and wonderfully romantic Star Castle Hotel on St Mary’s.

This sixteenth century castle was built in the shape of an eight-pointed star and remains beautifully intact to this day, even including a moat! Today it is an award-winning four-star hotel that offers some of the best seafood and fine dining on the islands, alongside a choice of superb accommodation, including cosy castle hideaways and delightful sea view rooms.

To purchase a gift voucher for anything from dinner during your stay to a whole week away, please phone or visit the website.


BOOK NOW: www.star-castle.co.uk

For gift vouchers, please call: 01720 422317

Facebook: Star Castle Hotel | Instagram: @starcastlehotel




A mesmerizing photography hardback book captures the breath-taking beauty of the Isles of Scilly, showcasing the work, spaces, and lives of its talented makers. With its vibrant turquoise waters and pristine white sand beaches, this cluster of around 140 islands, located 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall, is a hidden gem. Dive into the captivating world of these artists and experience the unique charm and inspiration that this secluded paradise offers.  Book price £20 including postage.


SHOP NOW: www.theislandmakers.com

Facebook: The Island Makers  | Instagram: @theislandmakers

Order before 15th December for Christmas delivery.




Fay Page is a collection of beautiful silver and gold jewellery made on St Martin’s. Its work is a celebration of everything they love about living on a tiny island. Inspired from any thing between the clear night sky of the Isles of Scilly to the shells found on the sandy beaches, its jewellery truly captures the magic of island life.

Orders are sent out using Royal Mail Special Delivery in its award-winning sustainable packaging.


SHOP NOW: www.faypage.co.uk

Facebook: Fay Page | Instagram: @faypagescilly

Order before 11th December for Christmas delivery. Order before 30th November for 10% off using the code ‘jingleshells’.




St Martin’s Watersports maintain that the best moments happen at sea. Gift one of these moments to a loved one this Christmas. The clear waters off St Martin’s are the perfect location for having fun on kayaks and paddleboards. It offers the chance to create family memories, explore uninhabited islands or visit a magical sandbar. You may even have an encounter with a grey seal!

To give the gift of a paddling adventure, vouchers can be booked online by adding a gift message and choosing the date the voucher is to be emailed to the recipient. Vouchers have no expiry date.


SHOP NOW: www.stmartinswatersports.co.uk/book

Facebook: St Martins Watersports | Instagram: @stmartinswatersports | Twitter: @stmartinswaters

Order any time for Christmas delivery.




The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust is on a mission to keep the islands special.  It manages around half the archipelago for wildlife to thrive and people to enjoy. All donations make a huge difference.

Scilly wildlife adoption packs are a wonderful way to support the Trust’s work. Choose your favourite iconic Isles of Scilly species – a shrew, Manx shearwater or grey seal – and receive an eco-friendly adoption gift pack including postcards, wooden decorations, and local artwork to say thank you. It is a brilliant gift for your wildlife-loving friends and family.


SHOP NOW: www.ios-wildlifetrust.org.uk

Facebook: Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust | Instagram: @scillywildlife

Order before 15th December for Christmas delivery.

Please be mindful that weather conditions can impact delivery times from the Isles of Scilly and so sooner is safer to order.