This is a two-year project that aims to culminate with a purpose-built drone that can provide a commercial freight service to the islands.

In June 2021, we completed two weeks of automatic takeoff and landing (ATOL) trials at Land’s End Airport, as the plan is for an economical service that can operate autonomously.

Next up is a three-month trial starting this autumn, replicating the drone delivery process to test all aspects of both ground and air operations. The trial will involve daily deliveries carrying urgent supplies with greater frequency. The drones will carry time-critical items such as medicines and blood samples 30 miles over the Atlantic Ocean. The trial will yield invaluable data as we work towards creating a bespoke drone for Scilly.

We will also be working with the Isles of Scilly community and businesses on both sides to determine demand for the service.

We are working towards a full commercial operation within two years.

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