The Project

The Steamship Company’s aviation team is working with Flylogix and the Civil Aviation Authority to devise an operation that can complement their existing air freight service, which could pave the way for similar operations from other UK airports.

The Steamship Company and Flylogix will work closely with the island community to establish the feasibility and demand for such a service, which could include time-sensitive packages and products needed on demand.

We’re breaking new ground in the UK, by looking at how you integrate drones with manned commercial fights in a way that is both safe and efficient. We want to get approval to allow drones to fly alongside our scheduled Skybus flights, which is currently not possible in the UK and most of the world.

Flylogix currently uses an unmanned single engine aircraft with a wingspan of 3.48m, a range of 500km and a cruising speed of around 80mph. All flights will be continually monitored, with safety paramount. Compared to manned aviation, it has 98% fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

We are one of just a handful chosen to work with the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s Innovation Team to help keep the UK’s aviation sector at the forefront of technology development.

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