Our Objectives

ways we'll deliver for Scilly

Delivering an excellent transport service is a fine ambition.
But how will we make it happen? Here are 8 things we'll do to keep our promise.

  • Bring more people to Scilly - and keep them coming back

    We want more people to fall in love with Scilly. So we'll use targeted marketing to build on the peak season, and make the season longer. We want to make it easier for people to book, too. And we want to make the whole journey as enjoyable a possible, so people travel with us again.

    Deliver more cargo through a simpler, smarter freight service

    We'll keep investing in new equipment and working with partners to continuously improve our freight service. We'll communicate better with customers, and make our pricing easier to understand. And by providing the service people want.

    Keep our costs low, by getting things right first time

    The reality is offshore transport can be an expensive business. If we want to keep delivering for Scilly, we need to keep our costs under control. So we'll focus our efforts on the things we're best at, and make sensible cost savings where we can. We'll work in a smart, efficient way - because when we get things right first time, it keeps costs low and pleases our customers too.

    Invest for the long-term future

    To keep delivering a transport service for Scilly, we need to plan ahead. We know ships, planes, and buildings only last so long – and that people will demand new and better services. So we’ll keep investing to improve what we do. And we’ll work with the Department of Transport to ensure that Scilly will always have the connections the islands need.

    Invest in our people too

    Great facilities, vessels, and systems can’t deliver an excellent service on their own. We need great people. And we need to invest for the long term here too – to make sure our people keep learning, and moving forward in their careers. As well as gaining the latest skills, this will help to keep everyone motivated to give their best.

    Communicate better with our community, and our own team

    Our people and the communities we serve have a right to know about how we’re doing, and why we make the decisions we do. We’ll do more to communicate clearly and openly – with regular updates and community engagement events. And communication works both ways, so we’ll hold listening events too.

    Make onward journeys easier

    Our services depart from Penzance, Land’s End, Newquay, and Exeter. But for our passengers, the journey usually doesn’t start or finish there. So we’ll work to line our schedules up with connecting travel services. We’ll also meet with travel decision-makers to improve connections overall. This will make it easier to tempt people to try Scilly – and help islanders travelling on the mainland.

    Look for new services that can help us deliver for Scilly

    We want to stick to what we’re good at. But there might be new services that fit well with what we do, and that can help us achieve our mission, while providing things our customers really need. We’ll keep an eye open for those opportunities to build a bigger and better company.

  • Our Values

    What we stand for

    This short video explains our values, and how we try to reflect them in everything we do.

  • Our mission, vision & values

    A handy guide

    If you’d like more detail and examples, feel free to browse this booklet at your leisure.

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