Our Values

Our eight values set out what we stand for, and what we aim for. Where our mission and vision describe what we do and why, our values explain how.

  • Living up to these values is not always easy. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions, and we can’t please everyone all the time. But you can help: if there’s a way we can improve, please let us know.

What do these values mean

  • Safety

    Before a service can be excellent, it needs to be safe. Keeping our passengers, our people, and our environment safe is more important than anything else we do – so if there’s ever a choice between pleasing customers and keeping people safe, safety comes first.

  • Respect

    Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity. That goes for our passengers, our community, and our own teammates. So we don’t discriminate – instead, we recognise people as individuals, and show we value them.

  • People Focus

    A great service needs great people. So we need to hire energetic, like-minded colleagues – and make our company somewhere they can learn and grow. That means training and mentoring each other, and ensuring we’re a supportive place to work.

  • Trust

    These values are only words, until we act on them. We need to make our promises reality – to do what we say, and keep on doing it. When we live up to our vision, our mission, and our values, people will notice. We’ll earn their trust, and give trust in return.

  • Excellence

    Our passengers, our community, and our people deserve the highest standards – and we can only achieve that by learning. We should always expect the best from each other, and try to improve every day.

  • Collaboration

    We’re not the only ones who have Scilly’s best interests at heart. Often, we can work more effectively by teaming up. And if people have good ideas about how we can do things better, we should be confident enough to welcome that advice.

  • Transparency

    To earn trust, we have to explain our decisions clearly. We aim to be open and honest – even when it’s difficult – and when we’ve made a mistake, we admit it and explain how we’re going to do it right. That starts by admitting we have to work harder on this value.

  • Community

    We look after the world around us. Where we can, we help the communities and people we serve, and the places where we live and work. And we’ll work hard to reduce any harm our work causes the planet, and preserve our wonderful environment for the future.

  • Our Values

    What we stand for

    This short video explains our values, and how we try to reflect them in everything we do.

  • Our mission, vision and values

    A handy guide

    If you’d like more detail and examples, feel free to browse this booklet at your leisure.

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