• Our Vision

    A century after we were founded, our purpose is still the same. We’re here to provide the Isles of Scilly with the transport they need.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    To be recognised for providing excellent transport services for Scilly.

    • Recognised

      We want that to be recognised, too – so the islanders and our people can be rightly proud of what we do.
    • Excellent

      We’ll keep striving to be excellent because Scilly deserves more than just an OK service.
    • Transport

      Transport is the heart of our company, and all our services help us deliver it.
    • Scilly

      The reason we were founded is to work for Scilly; we keep our community’s best interests at heart.
  • Our Values

    What we stand for

    This short video explains our values, and how we try to reflect them in everything we do.

  • Our mission, vision and values

    A handy guide

    If you’d like more detail and examples, feel free to browse this booklet at your leisure.

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