Taking the Scillonian passenger ferry to the Isles of Scilly is a journey that ignites the islands’ magic, offering your family happy memories before you’ve even arrived.

Heading out across the Atlantic, a simple game of eye spy can be transformed by sightings of seabirds, sunfish and even the occasional minke whale. And when a pod of dolphins swims alongside the ship the atmosphere becomes electric, with families rushing out on deck to get a better look.

Children love beach holidays and the thrill of travelling somewhere new, but none of us are keen on those long, uncomfortable journeys. We’ve all heard cries of: “Are we there yet…”; so if you can make the journey part of the holiday experience, you’ve struck gold!

There’s plenty to keep the family entertained on the recently refurbished Scillonian III passenger ship. Bring along the children’s book ‘The Mousehole Cat’, a local legend about a cat that goes to sea with his fisherman owner, and you’ll be able to see the village from the story as the ferry sails past on its way out of Penzance harbour. You can also look out for the Cornish fishing village of Newlyn, and landmarks such as the Minack Theatre and St Michael’s Mount.

Whether you’re wildlife spotting from the deck or relaxing in one of the two on-board cafés, the 2 hour 40 minute crossing gives you plenty of time to enjoy the views with your children, and short enough to keep them interested before the next part of their holiday begins.

So why not kick off your holiday adventure in Penzance, as you board the Scillonian III, and allow your journey to be the beginning of an unforgettable holiday to this beautiful cluster of islands just off the coast of Cornwall.