As part of our behind the scenes series, we thought we’d introduce Mickey Murley, a key member of staff in the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group. Mickey works at Penzance Dry Dock, maintaining the groups ships, Scillonian III, Mali Rose, Gry Maritha, Swift Lady and Lyonesse Lady, amongst many other projects at the Dry Dock.

Growing up in New Street, Penzance, Mickey Murley couldn’t have known he’d spend 41 years working just yards away at the Dry Dock…

Mickey Murley has worked at Penzance Dry Dock longer than anyone- he started work on the 18th November 1975. But he wasn’t always an engineer- he was a labourer and promoted to yard foreman.

“Previously, I was a butcher by trade,” He explains. “On my first day at the Dry Dock, I thought ‘what have I let myself in for?’

“There were 128 staff in those days- quite different to the 10 odd we have now. I’m sure I could write a book about all the projects and laughs we’ve had over the 41 years.”

Mickey has been a Penzance local all his life, and grew up in New Street, “behind the Dry Dock” as he puts it. But although his work is close to home, it’s certainly never boring.

“There’s something different every day,” he says. “Always a new challenge with every project- like when we had to fit two drop keels to the Lamu- but don’t worry I’m up for it!”