St Agnes


St Agnes

St. Agnes is the very tip of the British Isles. To the south west, there’s nothing but Bishop Rock lighthouse, three thousand miles of ocean and, beyond that, North America. As you’d expect, it’s unspoiled, and a little untamed – with mysterious, Bronze age archaeology, and rare bird species brought in on the Atlantic currents.

It’s also home to a community of 72 people, the famous Turk’s Head pub, and creamy Troytown Farm ice cream – made by just nine cows. If you want to get away from it all, this is the place.


Walk the Sand Bar

To the east of St. Agnes, across the narrow channel by the Turk's Head, you'll see the mysterious island of Gugh. But here's another secret; wait for low tide, and a sand bar appears... you can simply walk across, and explore to your hearts content. There's more information below.

Britain's most scenic pub

The Turk’s Head, at Porth Conger

What will you spot?

Exotic birdlife flocks to St. Agnes

Visit the Atlantic Seals

Take a wildlife trip with St. Agnes Boating to the Western Rocks to see the seals

Treat yourself

Try “The Works” –  it’d be rude not to


Two islands for the price of one

At low tide, you can walk across the sandbar to the mysterious, neighbouring island of Gugh. It’s only half a mile long – and home to just three hardy locals – but people have lived here for thousands of years.

You can see the evidence for yourself – Neolithic remains were found at Obadiah’s Barrow, and the nine-foot granite menhir called the Old Man of Gugh has been standing since the Bronze Age. Or, if archaeology doesn’t excite you, the view from Kittern Hill certainly will.

Things to see and do

Ice cream

Visit Britain’s smallest dairy

It’s amazing what you can achieve with just nine cows. At Troytown Farm Shop, you’ll find the islands’ own clotted cream, yoghurt and butter – but the farm’s most famous for its thick, indulgent ice cream, in over 30 flavours. Can you manage “The Works”? Contact 01720 422360

A pub with a view

The Turk’s Head is one of Scilly’s most iconic pubs – and, overlooking Porth Conger, it’s arguably one of the most scenic in the UK. It’s popular with islanders and visitors alike, with a varied lunch and dinner menu, and range of real ales. Contact 01720 422343

See the islands, gigs and seals

St. Agnes Boating has a full daily schedule of trips to other islands, and can take you out to the western rocks to see the resident sea birds and seals. And if you’d like a close-up view of the Isles of Scilly’s own sport, you can follow a pilot gig race without ever touching an oar yourself.

The Old Man of Gugh

Low tide exposes a sandbar from St. Agnes to the neighbouring island of Gugh. Walk across, and at the top of Kittern Hill you’ll find a mysterious, Bronze Age standing stone. The Old Man of Gugh is a granite menhir, nine feet tall, and it’s believed it was used in druids’ rituals.

A twitcher’s paradise

Because of the island’s location on the ocean’s edge, rare and exotic birds crossing the Atlantic tend to find St. Agnes first. And because this history of attracting species like short-toed eagle and grey-cheeked thrush, birdwatchers flock here too.
Treasure hunting

Search for treasure at Beady Pool

400 years ago, a trading ship foundered on the treacherous rocks off St. Agnes, sending its cargo of Venetian glass and ceramic beads to the bottom of the sea. Ever since, the currents have carried these tiny treasures to a horseshoe-shaped cove – earning it the name Beady Pool.

The official guide to The Islands

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St Agnes, Isles of Scilly - Beach view
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Day trips on St. Agnes

For the best day trip from Cornwall to St. Agnes, choose a Fly+Sail ticket: simply park in Penzance, catch our free shuttle to the airport and fly to the Isles of Scilly with Skybus. Later, in the afternoon, catch the Scillonian III back to the mainland.

Find out more about Day Trips

A complete escape

At the edge of the Atlantic, St. Agnes it blissfully peaceful – it couldn’t be further from the worries of everyday life.

Simple family fun

Play on the beach, search for treasure, meet the cows – this is everything a family holiday should be.

Walk the Coast

Walk St. Agnes’ shoreline, and look out onto three thousand miles of ocean.

Return to Nature

Look out for rare birds, or simply explore the heritage coastline.

Camping with a view

Camp beside the sea at Troy Town Farm


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